Global shipping policy

Policy for Overseas Purchases, Delivery, and Returns/Exchanges

Payment methods

We are currently accepting credit cards only.
The following credit cards are accepted.
*Credit card name must match name on order.

Please note: For system reasons, bank transfers can also be selected but will be considered invalid.

Shipping charges and delivery area

Shipping fee (excluding consumption tax and customs duty)
Asia 3,500 JPY
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East 4,500 JPY
Europe 5,000 JPY

The exact shipping cost will be reflected on the checkout screen after adding to the cart. Areas not covered by shipping cannot be checked out on the system.

About Customs Duties

Customer is responsible for any international customs duties, taxes, fees incurred.
Customs duties are not included in the listed price of the item.

Product delivery, shipping, and returns

International shipments are made using FedEx.

Estimated processing and shipping time is 7-14 business days.
Please note that we do not accept delivery date specifications.
Please note that we receive a large number of orders when new products are released. In this case, some delays make occur.

Delivery may be delayed in the following cases:
Delayed delivery due to weather, traffic, etc.
Delayed delivery due to circumstances in other countries.

We do not ship electronic products (battery-powered products, etc.) overseas.
In addition, we may not be able to ship items that may be prohibited by the destination country.

Depending on the dimensions, some products may not be eligible for international shipping.
(These items will be listed on individual product page and/or will be unable to be added to the cart.)

Handling of Defective Products, Returns and Exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges of items shipped overseas for reasons attributable to the customer( ) (e.g., "the product does not match the expectation", "the size does not fit", etc.).